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  • wey qoghDu'DajDaq
    SOLVER POLYIMIDE founded 2010 november, qaStaHvIS targhHom veDDaq noch je, jenwI'-tech manufacturer POLYIMIDE ((pi)) lo'taHvIS pong "jenDaq HuS meQbogh mep" products je. SOLVER POLYIMIDE Thermoplastic Polyimide, Thermosetting Polyimide, Polyimide 'och tIq, Polyimide Pallet, Polyimide tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch, Polyimide qoghDu'DajDaq, Polyimide Particle, Polyimide Monomer, Polyimide Foam manufactures wa' , polyimide Resin, Polyimide Coating, Polyimide Composite Hap 'u', Polyimide tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch qut Alignment Duy 'ej ngaj. thermoplastic polyimide laSvargh, wey, wholesale, bIje'be'chugh vaj, products. SOLVER POLYIMIDE polyimide 'eblIj jen yIqaw jonpIn mep. wej neH pov thermal, mechanical, dielectric, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance 'ej anti-woj yIqaw, 'ach je QaQ machinability ghaj 'oH. jIvlaw' laH tu'lu'bej vegh pIm methods 'oH molding, extrusion, injection molding 'ej injection....
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